"I feel fortunate to have found your organization and also to have had the benefit of someone who was willing to share their expertise."

--Dianne A., independent Kentucky artist

"Volunteering with Kentucky Lawyers for the Arts is a great way to give back to the Lexington community. So far, I have assisted a local band with a contract dispute and helped a local cultural organization obtain 501(c)(3) status. The referrals have been straightforward and relatively quick to complete, and the artists are so grateful for the assistance they receive. I would recommend the organization to anyone looking for a unique way to support the arts community in Kentucky."

                                          --Hannah J., volunteer attorneyI

"I am still in awe of how fast the process was--I only wish we had been connected to KYLA much sooner. You guys are a wonderful resource! We are now able to pursue grants, etc., that can enable us to get back to the task of offering top-notch classes in the various arts."

--Denise Brown

Executive-Artistic Director

Les McCann School for the Arts 



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