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Kentucky Lawyers for the Arts has one mission: to support the Kentucky arts community by providing referrals to attorneys that are willing to offer pro bono legal services to qualifying artists and arts organizations.

KyLA is a "lean" organization that operates entirely online. In order to provide our referral services free-of-charge, we do not occupy a physical office and we rely entirely upon volunteers. By operating without overhead we are able to maintain our independence and flexibility while ensuring our efforts are entirely focused on helping Kentucky artists.

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KyLA does NOT provide legal advice of any kind, nor does it provide traditional paid referrals to locate attorneys or other professionals. There are state and regional programs that can make those referrals. KyLA makes *only* referrals of qualifying artists and arts organizations to pro bono *attorneys*. KyLA will not make referrals to physicians, accountants, or other specialists or professionals, nor will it make referrals to attorneys on a for-pay basis.

Some of the available referral programs in Kentucky may be found here: http://www.kyjustice.org/offices. Please note that KyLA is not affiliated with any of these entities and it does not endorse or vouch for information found on other websites.

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